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A Neary Biohazard Company is not only a transporter of biomedical waste, but we are also a generator of bio-medical waste. Even further we transport our waste to a full service medical transportation and disposal company named MWaste. MWaste is licensed by the State Department of Health. A Neary Biohazard Company uses red bags with impact resistance of 165 grams and tearing resistance of 480 grams. Then the red bags are placed, labeled and sealed in U.N. Certified UFV02 approved boxes. We also use any size sharps containers for needles and blades. A Neary Biohazard Company takes pride in the fact that we are well trained to handle bio-hazardous waste since 2004. I also have all the immunizations required by The Florida State Health Department like the TB immunization and my Booster, but also took a step further and received my Twin Rix/Hepatitis A and B immunizations. All my records are kept in my vehicle and my trailer at all times, also including my Operation Plan which The Florida State Department requires me to carry and have posted at all times.

I have had blood- borne pathogen training since 2004,which I renew yearly. Not to mention over 10 years of professional experience. I also have Liability Insurance in $300 thousand each occurrence and $600 thousand general aggregate with Scottsdale Insurance company. I also carry all my information I just explained to you in my vehicle and posted in my trailer at all times.

I welcome you to read the seven newspaper articles I was featured in. They are listed on this web site in the Media section. I want my clients to know that when they call A Neary Biohazard Company I guarantee affordable pricing, but foremost complete honesty.

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